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The existing names and positions with the major players in his rotten sport of thieving money without offering the Tech.

In scientology, this precludes other religious practices and also yoga or meditation or other things that are generally thought of benign in usual society but are found with contempt in scientology.

When Scientologists attain level OT III, they are shown the "secret supplies," as director and previous member Paul Haggis described them: Hubbard's hand-written account with the creation fantasy. In line with this, 75 million yrs in the past a galactic dictator named Xenu froze persons and dropped their bodies into volcanoes.

Ortega acquired recent tax information that exposed the main 3 tiers of the Church (which is a non-financial gain Business) have a merged book price of $1.five billion.

I'm not criticizing you Marildi. I am only stating an observation of the ‘no show’ within the Critics blog and an exceptionally significant existence publishing to shield the good identify of Ron.

Mike as The brand new Yr causes it to be’s overall look,you have this kind of profound & well penned piece on Ron and his Sport.It really made me have a look at some very acquainted illustrations or photos from a long time back in One more brighter mild.Ron just beloved his very own viewpoint a great deal of he was ready to sacrifice lots of on his altar.My initial months in Sea Org @ Asho F,no-one quite knew the place To place me.So In addition to operating the folding equipment Yikes! I also acquired to carry out Unique drills thinking about I had Significantly catching up to complete obtaining not been in org or mission prior.At one particular level a GO/ Information was the scientology beliefs creation Org board title but browse Intelligence stopped by wherever I had been at a system desk and basically reported,Two points Ann.

You incorporate spice for the party And may you discover the spiritual liberty your coronary heart dreams from the chosen route you stick to. I meant that in al sincerity.

Each week later, Hubbard wrote A different policy letter that's the Next reference examined on EVERY study course in scientology. He explained the notion of “squirreling” and further bolstered the thought of “Scientology or almost nothing.”

Don’t suggest to get impolite but when was the last time you noticed or visited your family/mates that are not into Scientology? And if anyone of your respective fellow friends within this religion was to leave, would you continue to refer to them as good friends or even converse with them after? Jus asking….

But what puzzles me by far the most is why any individual in their appropriate head would wish to sign up for a church made by a person (L Ron Hubbard) who fully commited suicide. Obviously Scientology didn’t enable him.

All over again, it commences with an “appropriate fact” – “the cross has long been a symbol utilized by person scientology beliefs aliens and also the scientology cross has eight points to represent Every with the dynamics.”

Even though Brandy states that she's NOT a member of Scientology, the famous singer and actress admitted that during an extremely vulnerable time in her life, she dabbled in Scientology by intending to some classes for getting her thoughts proper. This time was naturally after the car crash she was involved in in 2006 that led to the death of An additional motorist.

The full inhabitants of the planet responds like a clock to R6 symbols. They respond to nothing at all else. They don't reply to purpose. They only reply to R6 symbols.

Hello Brian, your title is on that web page A good number of situations. Just an advice: in the event you proper-click on the date and time of the blog site comment, you are able to copy the website link to the remark itself, and use paste elsewhere. E.g. your scientology beliefs wiki write-up I'm now answering to:

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